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WCF - links to tutorials including how to keep state and making WCF restful

MS - Getting Started Tutorial:Instead of self hosting, you might host your WCF in the IIS (easy using svc file for registration)https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms734712(v=vs.110).aspx

Describes how to create a WCF contract using a user-defined interface. The contract defines the functionality exposed by the service.
Describes how to implement a service contract. Once a contract is define, it must be implemented with a service class.
Describes how to configure an endpoint for the service in code and how to host the service in a console application. To become active, a service must be configured and hosted within a run-time environment. This environment creates the service and controls its context and lifetime.
Describes how to retrieve metadata used to create a WCF client proxy from a WCF service. This process uses the Add Service Reference functionality within Visual Studio 2011.
Describes how to configure a WCF client Configuring the client requires specifying the endpoint that the client uses to access the service.
Describes how to use the WCF client proxy to invoke service operations.

Walkthrough: Creating a simple WCF Service in Windows Forms (NB: library)

WCF, Learn WCF

Welcome to WCF Tutorial - WCF Tutorial

WCF: From a Beginner's perspective & a Tutorial - CodeProject

A Beginner's Tutorial for Understanding Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Top 10 Most Popular Articles Of WCF

Using ASP.NET Sessions from WCF

CRUD Operations using WCF RESTful Service - Part 1 - WCF Tutorial

CRUD Operations using WCF RESTful Service - Part 2 - WCF Tutorial

Stateful Web Services using WCF leveraging ASP.NET infrastructure with BasicHttpBinding

WCF Service - Bindings default security - WCF Tutorial

How to: Publish Metadata for a Service Using a Configuration File

Transport Level Security Vs Message Level Security in WCF - WCF Tutorial

Difference between BasicHttpBinding and WsHttpBinding - WCF Tutorial

Practical guide to WCF RESTful service - WCF Tutorial

5 simple steps to create your first RESTful service - WCF Tutorial

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